About Sparkly Mary

Stunning sparkly jewellery, vibrant table mats and coasters, blocks and shapes, panels, paintings and splashbacks. All hand made using silks, sparkles and ingenuity.  

This is the result of a journey of discovery, exploring creativity - and fun!

Unless you have seen this work "in the flesh" it's hard to understand just what you're seeing. It just isn't like anything else. I have tried hard with the photography, but just imagine it so much more vivid and alive with movement and you're half way there!

All the colour you see is simply painted onto plain white silk with a brush. Sometimes designs are planned but more often than not - the colours "speak" and seem to paint themselves!

The texture is underneath the fabric in the form of different thicknesses of crunched and rolled foils. This is then layered with acrylic sheets using a specially formulated resin. 

There are always new ideas emerging, new ways of seeing, and realising that what was once a problem can now be an asset!

I hope my enjoyment and enthusiasm for what I make comes through. A love of creating special things you just can't find anywhere else, and a continuing passion for all things colourful and sparkly!